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Turning Passion Into Profits

Tired of your nine-to-five? Considering turning your passion into profit?

Go for it! Chasing passions and following dreams is becoming the norm as working people begin moving away from the day job towards doing what they’re most passionate about. If you are interested in topics such as graphic design, art, writing and marketing, you can fashion these interests into income by creating a design studio or an online social media marketing business.

As your own boss, you can live and work from anywhere in the world, while doing what you love most. Without further ado, here are some tips and tricks on how you can monetise your passion and earn as much income as you can from it.

1. Start A Blog

Start a blog around the topic you are knowledgeable and most interested in. With blogging, most for your money will be made via affiliate marketing and ad networks. However, profit is something you might have to wait for until your website traffic numbers are up. That said, with efficient SEO, informative content, and a bit of flair, it is more than possible to make six figures from blog writing within a year. Once you have a following on your blog, you could also start using other ideas from this list, such as creating a product, to enhance your profit even more.

2. Become A Public Speaker

There are tons of different events happening annually across the globe, on a wide variety of topics. Many of these events are looking for either established speakers with experience in the industry in question or people incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about the topic. Some of the very first speaking events you host might be unpaid or will pay you at a lower rate due to your lack of experience. But the more you go to these events, the more recognised and accomplished you’ll become, which can lead to a higher income. Over time, you may start to get invited to more significant events, which will not only pay more, but help grow your audience and brand presence. These days, many speaking events are actually held online. Starting out with a few online events can help give you a confidence boost and can be a good practice run for in-person public speaking seminars.

3. Community Building

Community building is another excellent way to profit from your passion. This can be applicable regardless of your interests. Be it graphic design, yoga, fashion, or food, you can perform any activity you love while being surrounded by like-minded people. For example, if you absolutely love fashion, you could create an online store to build a community with those with similar interests as you. You’ll gain experience with new friends thanks to a new community that you can connect with in the future if you host retreats or have products to sell. Other community ideas include running guided tours, hosting fashion design classes, or setting up co-working or co-living spaces.

4. Coaching

Monetise your passion through becoming a consultant on the subject you are enthusiastic about. As you gain a wider reputation and garner more testimonials, you can raise your rates as well. You could even start a coaching group or mentorship program, where you help other people in a larger community and easily offer these services from anywhere in the world, thus opening up your potential client base. For example, if you’re passionate about social media, you could be a marketing consultant, and if you’re a foodie you could be a culinary consultant.

5. Start A YouTube Channel

These days, there are thousands of people filming and uploading videos to platforms like YouTube. Question: how many people on YouTube do you watch? There are many like-minded content creators who became huge successes from their videography in a few years. Through YouTube, you can turn any hobby and interest into profit, with income earned through advertisements and sponsorships. If you love travelling, you can make travel vlogs or documentaries. If you’re a foodie, you can start a cooking show and post recipe videos online. You don’t even need a super-expensive camera starting out; just a phone or a camera on a computer would suffice. Same goes for editing; nothing special needed to edit videos. Use the free video editing software that comes on your computer when first starting out. Your personality and enthusiasm shining through the video will make people subscribe!

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