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Why Outsourcing Your Accounts Saves You Money

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

It can take a considerable amount of effort and manpower to ensure your company is on top of your accounts. From bookkeeping, ledger accounting and annual returns, some small companies may consider outsourced accounting services to save them time and money.

One of the most important aspects of a business is to keep track of its financial management efforts. This helps to break down the business’ financial standpoint, profitability as well as to determine if your company makes wise decisions and investments.

Small- and medium-sized companies in Singapore can benefit from outsourcing their accounts in the following ways:

Reduce overhead costs and overall spending

An outsourced accounting firm takes away the need for on-boarding a full-time accountant or a team, the time it takes for specialized training and unnecessary spending for bookkeeping and fulfilling annual returns. Not only will you be doing away with the cost of an employee and employee benefits, rest assured that a professional accountant is still managing the payroll - and for lesser hours.

Another benefit of outsourcing accounting services is eliminating the need for financial management software. A professional accounting firm will have the necessary bookkeeping and cloud software included, so you can be confident that your accounts will be handled properly.

Get Access to Expert Accounting Resources

Especially for small businesses, it can be quite costly to seek expert advice when there isn’t a financial department to begin with, or if there aren’t proper tools or software in place to help you make the right fiscal decisions.

An outsourced accounting firm can help advise you on your business financial strategies and streamline the efforts in a clear manner, allowing you to forecast the company direction and make projected costs easily. With a team of specialists managing your books with a clear understanding of your company’s financial position, you won’t have to worry about seeking expert advice for your financial operations.

More time focusing on company performance

Probably one of the advantages of engaging an outsourced accounting firm is freeing up your time to devote to your company’s core activities. With the finance management taken care of, you can focus on the tasks you have at hand.

Thinking of upscaling your business or improving your work productivity? Having a professional team of accountants handle your business’ finances will leave you to the job you do best.

Secure protection for your company’s accounts

One concern that many small business owners have is the increased risk of financial fraud or breach. With lesser people looking over your company’s books, this can greatly reduce the risk and allow you to divert your concentration to the company’s core activities.

A professional outsourced accounting firm not only handles your financial needs for your business, but also ensures that there is a fixed set of eyes looking over your expenses and investments at the same time.

There are certainly challenges and considerations to take note of before you engage outsourced accounting services but at the end of the day, you can rest assured that your books are being handled in a meticulous and secure manner. It may turn out to be a good investment for your business, and enhance its overall performance.

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